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Second Thessalonians - Chapter 2


I. Introduction

A. The Lord Has Not Come Yet (v. 1-2)

B. The Wicked Man Must Come First (v. 3-12)

C. Thanks to God for the Thessalonians (v. 13-15)

D. Prayer for the Thessalonians (v. 16-17)

II. The Lord Has Not Come Yet

A. False teachings have persuaded some of the Thessalonians that their persecution and affliction is a sign that "The Day of the Lord" had already begun.

B. Paul categorically denies this.

C. Cautions them not to be easily misguided by false teachings

D. Paul mentions three possible ways they may have been misled

1. By someone claiming a false prophecy, or

2. By someone claiming Paul had said or preached a sermon contrary to what he had already told them , or

3. By someone claiming to have a letter written by Paul on this subject

III. The Wicked Man Must Come First

A. Paul proclaims the day of the Lord will not come until two events occur

1. the rebellion, and

2. the lawless one is revealed

B. Greek word used for first event is "apostasy"

1. We don't know meaning of that word. However, similar word "Apostasia" usually means rebellion.

2. Wycliffe's bible commentary suggests rebellion could come in one of two forms, either in a political or religious sense.

3. Easy English bible commentary suggests it means religious and more specifically a 'falling away' or turning against God.

C. Wycliffe goes on to explain further that it will be a 'marshaling of the powers of evil against the people and purposes of God

D. Several other biblical references warn against this as well

1. Matthew 24:10

2. I Timothy 4:1-3

3. II Timothy 3:1-9

4. II Timothy 4:3

E. Lawless one will only be revealed at a time and place of God's choosing (God is always in charge!)

1. Lawless one is currently being held in check and can not reveal himself because of the power of God through the Holy Spirit - this position held by Dispensationalists (ex. Scofield)
2. Many other scholars (from Tertullian on c. 200 AD) believe Paul was referring loosely to the Roman empire (i.e., government in general). Government maintains law and order thus allowing the church to carry out its work.

F. Coming of the lawless one is obviously the work of Satan.
1. He will be able to perform great miracles
2. Many will be deceived because they have not known God's love, have not loved the truth

G. Lawless one (to whom John refers to as the antichrist) will oppose God and all other religions
1. Will declare himself to be a god
2. Will seat himself in the temple

IV. Thanks to God for the Thessalonians

A. Paul gives thanks to God for the faithful Thessalonians
B. Implores the Thessalonians to stand firm and hold fast to what he has taught them through his direct (in-person) teachings or by his letters.

V. Prayer for the Thessalonians

A. Prays that God may comfort their hearts and strengthen them in good work and word


(1) The New Testament and Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Iversen-Norman Associates, 1971

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