Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second Thessalonians - Chapter 1

I. Overview

A. Greetings

B. Thanksgiving & Encouragement

C. The Judgement at Christ's Coming

II. Greetings

A. Compare v. 1-2 to opening verses of First Thessalonians

1. Some use the fact that they are virtually identical to suggest someone else penned Second Thessalonians at a much later date, using Paul's name and his words to support authenticity.

2. However, also read opening verses of many other letters written by Paul. Almost all use very similar words.

III. Thanksgiving & Encouragement

A. Thanksgiving - always gives thanks to God for their growing faith

B. Offers Encouragement for them to continue to be faithful in the face of persecution by boasting of their faith to other churchs

III. Judgement at Christ's Coming

A. Thessalonicans had suffered through persecution

1. Paul says God's coming judgement is right

2. God will judge the Thessalonicans and they will be seen to have had faith

3. They will 'pass the test' and spend eternity with God and Jesus

B. God will Judge and Punish Evil

1. God's justice will ultimately prevail

2. Persecutors and unbelievers will face God's wrath

C. Jesus Coming from Heaven

1. Coming with powerful angels and fire

2. His followers will be reunited with him in the sky

3. Jesus will send unbelievers away from Him and God forever

D. Paul Expresses Confidence Thessalonicans will be Among those Called to Spend Eternity with Him

1. Believe the message and you will be among those who are saved.



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