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Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History - Ch. 4

Chapter 4 - Rahab

I. Introduction

A. Recap last week - The Continuity of the Covenant
B. Rahab

II. Recap - The Continuity of the Covenant

A. Focused on the Israelite National Covenant
B. National Covenant comprised of two parts

1. National blessing - I will make thee a great nation
2. Land - give Israelites all of the land from the Euphrates to the great sea

C. Also spoke of the Spiritual Covenant or "blessing" - all the world would be blessed through Abraham

III. Rahab - It's all about Faith and Demonstrating Your Faith through Works

A. The Spies Perspective

1. Read Joshua 2:1
2. Why did the spies go to Rahab's house? Easy to get "lost" there.
3. What did the spies get from Rahab?
a. Shelter - a place to stay
b. Priceless information - Rahab told spies citizens of Jericho feared the Israelites (read Joshua 2:9-11)
3. How did the spies exhibit Faith?
a. Read Joshua 2:14
b. Told Rahab she would be spared when the Lord gave them the land, not if, but "when".

B. Rahab's Perspective

1. Read Joshua 2:12-21
2. Without a doubt Rahab was a harlot in a heathen land
3. That fact is central to lesson today.
4. Because of what she had heard and seen she came to believe in the one true God
a. Heard about Israelites crossing Red Sea, winning victories over Sihon and Og
b. Seen first-hand faith of the two spies - weren't tempted while in Rahab's house
5. Rahab was one of the first non-Jew recipients of the spiritual blessing.
6. Read Hebrews 11:31

C. The Scarlet Cord

1. Closely parallels the blood of the Passover lamb
2. Those within her house would not be harmed

D. Faith in Action

1. Bible expressly states Rahab expressed her faith through action
2. She did not leave Jericho with the spies. She stayed behind in Jericho, placing herself in great peril. Had to have had faith and believed that her new, true God would keep her safe.
3. This faith recognized by James (read James 2:21,25)
4. Rahab gives us a powerful example of how to live in faith surrounded by heathens
a. Schaeffer - "Though you and I have stepped from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear Son, we are still surrounded by a culture controlled by God's great enemy, Satan."
b. Schaeffer - "It is just plain stupid for a Christian not to expect spiritual warfare while he lives in enemy territory."

E. Rahab: Ancestor of Christ

1. Read Joshua 6:25
2. Rahab lived with the Jews for the rest of her life
3. She married a prince's son from the tribe of Judah
a. Read Numbers 7:12
b. Read Ruth 4:18-22
c. Read Matthew 1:4-6

F. Conclusion - may we have the Faith of Rahab as we live in a heathen land.


(1) Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, Frances Schaeffer, InterVarsity Press 1975

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