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Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History - Ch. 3

Ch. 3 - The Continuity of the Covenant

I. Introduction

A. Recap Ch. 2 - The Three Changeless Factors
B. Ch. 3 - The Continuity of the Covenant

II. Ch. 2 - The Three Changeless Factors

A. The Written Book
B. The Power of God
C. The Supernatural Leader

III. Ch. 3 - The Continuity of the Convenant

A. Recalling the Abrahamic Covenant

1. Abrahamic Covenant first given in Genesis 12:1-3
2. Author then goes on to say that to fully understand this convenant we need to go back further to Adam & Eve.
a. Covenant of Grace first given after Adam & Eve rebel
b. Prior to rebellion Convenant was based on works, they were without sin so grace was not needed.
c. Read Genesis 3:15. Very confusing scripture and controversial scripture
i. Some including our author, claim "seed of woman" referenced in scripture is Jesus
ii. Others say 'hogwash', no messianic prophecy was intended.
iii. Bibliography contains one view of each.
d. Covenant of grace limited to believers (Seth, Shem, down to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)
e. Non-believers, no covenant (Cain, Ham, Esau)
f. Specific Covenant God made to Abraham had two parts
i. First was a spiritual blessing - all the world would be blessed through Abraham (Jesus was Jewish by birth, Abraham was the first Jew)
ii. Second was a national blessing with two parts
- Make Israel a great nation
- A promise of land

B. The Spiritual Portion

1. Read Acts 3:22, 24-26. Peter addressing Jews - their covenant with God has two parts. Spiritual one must be accepted and can only be obtained by believing in Jesus, the Christ (Messiah).
2. Read Romans 4:16-17. Spiritual covenant conveys to all, Jew and Gentile alike.

C. The National Portion

1. Read I Chronicles 16:15-18.
2. Read Genesis 15:5-18
3. Read Genesis 17:2-8

D. The Promises Repeated

1. Get the sense God's chosen people needed constant reminding (not unlike ourselves today)

E. Was God Unjust

1. Read Deuteronomy 9:4-5.
2. God clearly indicating timing of his gift of land dependent upon judgement upon Canaanites.
3. Author points to several other examples of God's patience finally giving way to judgement.
i. Proverbial straw that broke the camel's back
ii. Or author's visual is a full cup of water finally spilling over with the addition of just one more drop.
4. Author's point is that we won't receive our spiritual blessing until God's cup of patience is spilled.
i. Read Luke 18:8.
ii. Read Romans 11:26-27.
iii. Read Luke 17:26-30.


(1) Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, Frances Schaeffer, InterVarsity Press 1975

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