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1/24/10 Dan Chap 7

Chap 7
In the first six chapters, Daniel wrote in the third person.
Chap 7 is the last chapter in Aramaic.
The vision recorded by the Prophet Daniel in this chapter was revealed to him in the first year of Belshazzar’s reign, 553 B.C., when Belshazzar was made coregent with Nabonidus.(553-539 14 years)
Daniel has interpreted 2 dreams (Chap 2&4).
We now begin with Daniels 1st of 4 visions.
The reference to the Great sea is the Med. It is possible to relate these visions specifically to the Mediterranean world.
I. First beast
A. Babylon
B. Lion and Eagle were both symbols of Babylon
C. Wings (swiftness or speed)
D. Torn off-? Neb’s madness or becoming an empire no longer an army on campaign
Conquered the known world…
a. human mind, was this the coming of the gentile age or gentiles identity
b. the law, reason, faith

II. 2nd Beast (A Bear) No grace, just Power
A. Persian Army was dominate and powerful.
B. Media and Persia (Persian dominates Media)
C. Ribs are Babylon, Lydia (Greek city states) and Egypt.
D. Or Assyria, Egypt and Babylon

III. 3rd beast (Leopard)
A. Speed , 4 wings (very fast)
B. 4 heads ( 4 great Generals) Macedon and Greece under Cassander, Thrace and Bithynia under Lysimachus, Egypt under PTOLEMY, and Syria under Seleucus. Or Or Alexander’s own variation in character, at one time mild, at another cruel, now temperate, and now drunken and licentious.
C. Alexander conquered(not so much by fighting) know world in 12 years.
D. ruling authority was given to it, one of the strangest thing in History. Remember For how unlikely it was that thirty thousand men should overthrow several hundreds of thousands! JOSEPHUS [Antiquities, 11.6] says that Alexander adored the high priest of Jerusalem, saying that he at Dium in Macedonia had seen a vision of God so habited, inviting him to go to Asia, and promising him success.

IV. Fourth Beast (Mongrel) Rev 13:2
A. An assimilation of the other beast or something indescribable compare though to Chap 2
B. Different ?
C. 10 Horns
D. One horn plucks out 3

V. The culmination of the vision
A. The Son of Man (Note Eze 1 593 BC)
B. The Beast is given over
C. 3 and half years (literal)

1. Why the different vision from Chap 2?
2. How do we view this vision?
3. What is this vision for Daniel?
4. What is going on at this time?

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