Saturday, January 16, 2010


I. Darius the Mede review:

A. It's Cyrus
B. It's Ugburu
C. A simple Governor Read Dan 9:1
D. His Father in Laws Son or his Father in Law.

II. Governing (Why appoint from the defeated people).

A. It's a very normal process,to appoint leaders that know how things work and with whom to work with. (We made this mistake in Iraq, by not letting the Bath party hold any office).

B. Of course, they are being watched by various mechanisms.

C. Also, remember that this "defeat" was not quite the same. These people were from the same/similar cultures. I believe that most thought Nabonidus was a bad King.

III. Daniel in 539BC

A. 66 years from Jerusalem (605)

B. Apparently he had survived some 5-6 "kings" as an administrator.

C. His reputation, faith and character. (Exiles ambition would be ?)

IV. The plot

A. Note vs 3-4, He was going to be appointed to "the" administrator.

B. Note the fault's of Daniel "the law of his God".

C. Vs 8-9. A weak minded King?

D. Daniels decision....I'll go pray.

E. The King's quandary. He recognized his folly and foolishness. Does he realize this is a plot against Daniel?

V. Daniels preservation.

A. Sealed with the King's seal

B. He is delivered, Why?

Conclusion: Daniel lives some 5-10 years after the Persian conquest. This Chap 6 once again solidifies his role to the "Gentiles". We now begin looking" back over a number of visions throughout his life. We switch back to Hebrew with Chap 8, but now we end the Aramaic writings with the last vision some 14 years earlier (553).

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