Saturday, August 1, 2009



Welcome to my newest blog, A Layman's Journey. For the past several years I have led a Sunday School bible study. Notice I said 'led' and not 'teach.' As a layman I don't feel qualified to teach anyone. However, I do feel qualified to lead the discussion as our group studies God's word and discerns its meaning both individually and collectively.

My objective in creating this blog is to chronicle that journey to discover who God is and who he calls us to be as christians. Each week I will post the notes I've created to lead the class discussion. In addition, I will post questions or thoughts to consider in the week ahead. Your responses (in the form of comments to my post) to these questions are welcome. I also welcome your general comments on the text being studied.

Our first study will be on the book New Testament book of Hebrews.

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