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Hebrews - Ch.1:5-14 (Study Guide-Unit 2)

Jesus Christ is Greater than All God's Messangers and Servants

1. Recall Hebrews was written as a sermon by the author to be read to his congregants in his absence

2. Like good preachers today, author uses scripture to make and prove his point.

3. 10 verses quote 7 OT passages primarily taken from Psalms

a. v5 - Psalm 2:7

b. v6-7 - Deuteronomy 32:43 or Psalm 97:7, and Psalm 104:4

c. v8-9 - Psalm 45:6-7

d. v10-12 - Psalm 102:25-27

e. v13-14 - Psalm 110:1

4. 7 OT passages were quoted to support and prove Jesus's superiority over angels

5. The $64,000 question...WHY? Why did author's intended audience need convincing?

6. Two differing lines of thought

a. Barclay - Jews of that day had strong belief that angels served as intermediaries between God and man. Author of Hebrews had to show Jesus superiority over angels; had to show Jesus as our only intercessor or pathway to God.

b. Long (Interpretation) - problem wasn't with angels, it was with Jesus.

7. Author's audience was in distress, losing faith, weary and disheartened.

8. Audience was focusing on what they could/had seen...Jesus broken, shamed, defeated by the powers of this world

9. Author wants to remind them to pay more attention to what they've heard...Jesus is the heir of all things, seated in power at the right hand of God. Reminds them...

a. No angel was ever called God's son.

b. The angel must worship the Son, who is of higher status

c. The power of God is one with the Son

d. Although heavens and earth will perish, might of God is forever

e. Jesus sits at God's right hand, at the place of highest honor and privilege

10. Author has now shown Jesus is superior to the prophets and angels. Will continue to build his case as we continue through Hebrews.

Question for Reflection

What influences in our world today tempt us to think they are more powerful or superior to Jesus?


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