Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Finished Work of Christ - Ch. 13

Chapter 13 - Eternal Life is Forever I. Introduction A. Recap - What Have We Learned 1. Justified - By accepting Christ as our Saviour our guilt before God is gone 2. Sanctified - Because of the power of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we have ongoing protection from the power of sin 3. Glorified - Jesus is coming again. Our bodies will be made whole. We will sin no more. B. Today's Topic - Can I Lose My Salvation? 1. In a word - NO! 2. Now as Paul Harvey would say..."and now the rest of the story." 3. Paul begins Romans and ends this section (his description of salvation) by referring to the Trinity II. Salvation Assured by the Work of the Holy Spirit A. We do not know how to pray - interesting, what do you think about that? B. Because of that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf "with sighs too deep for words" 1. Holy Spirit also referred to as Advocate by Jesus in Gospel of John - how appropriate! 2. John 14:16-17 3. John 16: 7-11 III. Salvation Assured by God the Father A. If you have freely accepted Christ as your Savior, know God has chosen you and predestined that you will be glorified, nothing can change that. B. If you have freely accepted Christ as your Savior, know NOTHING can separate you from the love of God IV. Salvation Assured by the Work of the Son A. Jesus died that we might live for eternity but even today His work on our behalf is not done B. Jesus intercedes for us in heaven - He pleads for us on the basis of His own character and on His finished work at Calvary. V. Conclusion A. Great couple of books by Schaeffer, now what? B. How about Luke? 1. Interpretation Series 2. Study Guide 3. Commentary - $16.50 on Amazon 4. Study Guide - $11.05 5. Barclay - $10.13 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. The Finished Work of Christ, 1998, Francis Schaeffer, Good News Pubishers, Wheaton, IL 2. The New Daily Study Bible - The Letter to the Romans, 1955, William Barclay, Westminster Press, Louisville, KY

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