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The Finished Work of Christ - Ch. 7

Chapter 7 - The Result of Justification: Peace with God

I. Introduction

A. Recap First 6 Chapters - Justification
B. Next 5 Chapters - Santification
1. This week - Peace with God
2. Next Week - Origins of Sin

II. Justification

A. All are sinners - our sin is a chasm which separates us from the love of God
B. Believe God - God keeps His promises, promised a saviour
C. Christ died for us. His shed blood covers all our sins
D. Barclay - justification: "change of our status"

III. Santification - The Result of Justification: Peace with God

A. Barclay - santification: "change of our state"
B. Schaeffer - "The most important aspect of this eace with God is not the peace in our own hearts but the fact that God is at peace with us."
C. Many people struggle to find peace in their hearts
1. Know God has forgiven them, but can't forgive themselves
D. Salvation takes place in three phases
1. Past - justification when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior (salvation from the guilt of our past sin
2. Present - santification, salvation from the power of sin
3. Future - glorification, in heaven, salvation from the very presence of sin
E. Santification, like justification, based on "finished work of Christ"
1. After accepting Christ, can't rely on own "works" to keep us from sin
2. Will continue to face temptation, will continue to sin
F. Schaeffer - key to finding peace with God is three part process
1. just like finding initial salvation - admit you're a sinner
2. again, just like initial salvation - "lay hold of the finished work of Christ", bring the sin under the blood of Christ.
3. Say THANK-YOU to God for your salvation. According to Schaeffer, this third "optional" part is key. As soon as you say 'thank-you', "the certainty of your forgiveness will come and you will have peace of mind."
G. Peace with God not just some introspective thing. It is a peace based on God's promise that Christ's atoning death is enough to meet all our present failures.
H. Depth of God's Love
1. God sent Jesus to die for us when we were lost, apart, and "at war" with him
2. How many would die so that their enemies could live?
3. How much more so does He love us now that we've accepted His gift and have become reconciled to Him?

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2. The New Daily Study Bible - The Letter to the Romans, 1955, William Barclay, Westminster Press, Louisville, KY

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