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The Finished Work of Christ - Ch. 2

Chapter 2 - The Person Without the Bible: Guilty

I. Introduction

A. Review last week - Romans 1:1-17
B. This week - Romans 1:18-2:16
C. Where Paul is going

1. Gentiles Need for Salvation
2. Jews Need for Salvation
3. All Humanities Need for Salvation
4. How to Attain It

II. Last Week - Romans 1:1-17

A. Introduction - desire to come meet them, desire to share the gospel with them
B. Theme - the power of the gospel (re-read 1:16-17)

III. This Week - Romans 1:18-2:16 (Gentiles Need for Salvation)

A. Impossible to get through this lesson in 45 minutes going verse by verse. Thus, will try to cover it all but in themes or groupings of thought.

B. Why Do I Need Salvation?

1. Because You Are Under the Wrath of God
2. Why Am I Under the Wrath of God
3. Because You are Guilty
4. Guilty of What
5. Guilty of Knowing Right from Wrong and Choosing Wrong
6. Guilty of Knowing God and Turning Away

C. Guilty of Knowing Right from Wrong and Choosing Wrong

1. Everyone has a conscience
2. God gave us the ability to discern right from wrong
3. You are not a machine, or an animal

D. Guilty of Knowing God and Turning Away

1. God is the Creator
2. We live in His creation
3. All we have to do is look around and we can not fail to see the work of His hand
4. He created that our every need may be satisfied.
a. We need water to survive...God created rain
b. We need food...God gave us dominion over all the plants and animals in His creation
c. We need Salvation...God gave us His only Son, Jesus
5. Our biggest sin is our vanity
a. "It is the vanity of the creature not willing to be the creature, but wanting rather to be the creator at the center of the universe."
b. We think we know best, so we turn away from God
c. We want the world to revolve around us, instead of us putting God at the center of His world and our lives

E. When We Turn Away from the Creator We Replace Him with the Created
1. "Having been made in the image of God (Gen 1:26) men and women rebel and wanting to be the center of the universe, they deliberately reverse the process and make God in their image!"
2. God's response is to give us up to our "lusts of the heart and impurities"
3. God has given us free-will but we must accept the consequences of our actions
a. This comes in two forms - the immediate result of violating God's natural laws, and
b. The future judgement

F. The Righteous Judgement of God
1. God shows no partiality
a. God will judge both the Jew and the Gentile
b. Those who had access to His Word and those who didn't
c. "Each human being has a moral imperative within. Each human being 'knows the judgement of God' (1:32). "As soon as a child feels the pang of conscience, struggles against it, and sins, he has acknowledged that there is a meaningful moral law in the universe." God's law!
d. All people stand before God condemmend by what they do know - those without God's word are condemmned on the basis of their moral judgement of others.
e. Those with God's word stand condemmned on the basis of not following it.

G. Jesus is not only our Saviour, He is also our Judge
1. On judgement day we will stand before Jesus and be judged
2. All will be judged guilty
3. Those who accepted God's grace freely given through His Son Jesus, the Christ will be forgiven
4. Those who did not are lost.
5. John 14:6

1. The Finished Work of Christ, 1998, Francis Schaeffer, Good News Pubishers, Wheaton, IL
2. The New Daily Study Bible - The Letter to the Romans, 1955, William Barclay, Westminster Press, Louisville, KY

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