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Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History - Ch. 11

Chapter 11 - The Cities of Refuge

I. Introduction

A. Next Study - Options
B. Recap Last Week - East and West of Jordan
C. This Week - The Cities of Refuge

II. Next Study - Options

A. Other Studies by Francis Schaeffer

1. Genesis in Space and Time - covers first 11 chapters ($11.25 + tax/shipping)
2. The Finished Work of Christ - covers first 8 chapters of Romans ($18.99 +)

B. Revelation - did this many years ago, try again?
C. Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication

1. 24 lessons via audio/video
2. 30 minutes per lecture
3. Would be followed by discussion

III. Recap Last Week - East and West of the Jordan

A. Most everone got their land
B. Determined by lot - God had a hand in who got what
C. Joseph's descendants got two areas (Manassah and Ephraim)
D. Levites and tribe of Simeon left out because of previous sin

IV. The Cities of Refuge

A. Levite cities - all part of God's plan

1. 48 cities - split amongst descendant of Levi's three sons
a. Gershon - 13 cities
b. Kohath - 23 cities (13 for the priests, 10 for remainder of family)
c. Merari - 12 cities
2. Six cities of the 48 were designated cities of refuge
a. 3 on either side of the Jordan
b. Purpose of cities described in Joshua 20:1-6,9)
c. Definition of murder described in Deuteronomy 19:1-13
d. How long was to work described in Numbers 35:4-5,15-30

B. Christ and the Cities of Refuge

1. Five similarities
a. Christ is easy to reach - OT cities of refuge had to be easily accessible (i.e, good, well marked, easy to travel roads leading to the city of refuge)
b. Christ is open to all - OT cities of refuge were open to Jew and Gentile alike
c. Christ never locks his gates - OT cities of refuge did not close their gates
d. Christ is a totally sufficient refuge - OT cities of refuge were capable of meeting refugee's every need (food, water, shelter)
e. No help for us if we do not flee (accept) to the refuge of Christ - OT if accused did not make it to the city of refuge there was no recourse

2 Two big differences
a. Christ protects ALL who believe and accept him, guilty and innocent alike - OT cities of refuge protected only the innocent (wrongly accused)
b. Christ is nearer than any city of refuge, all we have to do is call on him, even on our death bed - OT cities of refuge, you had to travel to get there, took time, if avenger wass faster or stronger than you, too bad, so sad.

3. When do we enter this refuge? Schaeffer suggests three times
a. One - when we accept Christ as our savior
b. Second - every time we sin
c. Three - final moment when we die or Christ returns (whichever comes first)


(1) Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, Frances Schaeffer, InterVarsity Press 1975

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