Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joshua's Preparation


Finally our books have arrived and we're able to begin our new study on the Book of Joshua. After reading the first chapter I think I'm going to like this new book. The author's writing style is very readable and holds your attention. So let's dig right in and see what this all about.

I. Introduction

A. Surprise! Chapter 1 - mainly based on events found in books of the Pentateuch

1. Exodus
2. Deuteronomy
3. Numbers

B. Theme of Chapter 1 - God preparing Joshua to lead the Israelites

II. Joshua references before the Book of Joshua

A. Exodus Ch.17 v9 (Going out to fight the Amalekites)
B. Exodus Ch.24 v13 (On Mount Sinai)
C. Exodus Ch.32 (The Golden Calf)
D. Exodus Ch.33 (In the Tabernacle)
E. Numbers Ch.11 v24-29 (Prophesying in the Camp)
F. Numbers Ch.13-14 (Spying out the Land)
G. Numbers Ch.26 v65 (Joshua's Ordination)
H. Deuteronomy Ch.31 v2-8 (Moses Final Address)

III. Joshua's "Internship" - What did he learn?

A. God is not far off. He is immediately present
B. Sin is terrible, especially among the people of God
C. Merely using the name of God is not sufficient
D. God can and will guide
E. God's glory is to come first
F. God makes the rules, and more importantly God doesn't follow our rules
G. A man of God must stand and trust God
H. God keeps his promises and distinguishes among people
I. True spiritual leadership comes from God, not man.
J. No one is indispensable, yet each person is important and unique


(1) Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, Francis A. Schaeffer, Inter Varsity Press 1975

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