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1 Thessalonians Chapter 2

I. Introduction

A. Manner of his preaching among them
B. Manner of his conversation among them
C. Success of his ministry and its effects on him and them
D. Apologizes for not being able to return and see them again

II. Manner of his preaching among them (v. 1-6)

A. Subject matter of his preaching was not vain, or empty, deceiptful, or treacherous
B. Rather, was sound, solid truth, from which his listeners could profit
C. Preached pure and uncorrupted gospel. Objective was not to set-up a new faction, or to draw men over to a new party.
D. Only objective was promoting 'pure religion', the gospel. Had no ulterior motives.
E. See II Corinthians 4:2 and Galations 1:10
F. He desired only to please God, not men.

G. Why did Paul mention this?

1. answering accusations from Jewish community

2. they may have been claiming he was misrepresenting the law and the prophets

3. they may have been claiming he had impure motives

4. they may have been claiming he was guilty of tricking his new followers.

III. Manner of his conversation among them (v. 7-12)

A. Showed great gentleness towards them (easier to win people over with honey instead of vinegar). See II Timothy 2:24
B. He cared about them, their spiritual and eternal welfare (salvation)
C. Didn't care about their physical goods or what he could gain from them
D. He didn't take wages from them, rather he practiced his business of tent making in order to make a living while among them.
E. Met with them individually as well as together in a congregation . See Acts 20:20. Taught them how to lead a life worthy of God

IV. Success of his ministry and its effects on him and them

A. People accepted Paul's preaching and ministry as words from God, not from men
B. Preachers' preached by divine inspiration, led by the spirit
C. Thessalonians suffered as the early churches in Judea suffered
1. Were widely persecuted by the Jews
2. Jews believed they only were 'God's people'
3. Paul's indictment of the Jews
a. 'they killed Jesus'
b. 'they killed their own prophets'
c. 'they hated the apostles'
d. 'they pleased not God'
e. 'they were contrary to all men'
f. 'implacable enmity to the gentiles'
D. Jews then, like groups of today who call themselves Christians, pervert the word of God to justify their own goals
1. hate filled crimes of the Christian militia
2. hateful venomous attacks of 'church' in Kansas at funerals of soldiers

V. Apologies for not being able to come see them again

A. Involuntarily forced to leave them. See Acts 17:10.

B. Says Satan has been successful in preventing his return. Believe Satan is continuously at work in the world trying to prevent to spread of the gospel and God's work.


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