Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daniel 1 cont:

I. Dan 1:4 Age (Young) 14-17 years

II. Parents or Family note 1:6 Lit "Sons of Judah"

A. Dani el - God is my Judge (el- from Elohim) given Belteshazzar
B. Hanan iah - Yaweh has been gracious (iah or Yah from Yahweh) Shadrach
C. Misha el - "Who is what God is" Meshach
D. Azar iah - "Yahweh has helped" Abednego

III. Conviction "purpose" shows discipline Dan 1:8 lit. DAniel "placed on his heart" Why ?

A. Name changed showed ownership or authority

B. Attended school or taught in Babylonia ways. Discuss brainwashing vs education. Polytheistic
Contrast Assyrian vs Babylonian methods or assimilation.

C. Becoming part of the actual government.

D. Eating at the King's table.

See Prov 4:23. Also 1 Sam. 2:30


Why was this on Daniels heart, a young man in a strange place and culture. The only thing I can see is it is about how he was raised, Josiah's influence, a humble heart. Note how he sets about his purpose.

IV. The Method

A. Reason and Tact with Conviction and Purpose, which I believe God noticed. He honored God with this.
B. Daniel was turned down by the Overseer.

C. Humble approach to the Warden. Dan. 1:12

D. God delivers on a humble request to allow Daniel to honor him, no chains removed, no great miracle, no fasting. Dan 1:14

E. God "endows" these young men with "knowledge" and "skill". Dan1:17

F. The 3 years of training ends with Neb. impressed with these still young advisors.

Note Nebs ruled from 605 to 539BC

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