Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unit 7 - Hebrews Ch. 9:1 - 10:18

Must start with an going to the TCU vs SMU football game this afternoon. Thus, my notes will be brief.


I. Overview

A. Chapters 9 and 10 repeat some of the concepts introduced by "the Preacher" in ch. 7 & 8.
B. Also covers new ground in explaining Jesus role in the new covenant.
C. "the Preacher" also provides a brief glimpse back into early worship of the Hebrews in the wilderness and the tent temple.

II. Old Sanctuary (Ch. 9:1-5)

A. "the Preacher describes the old sanctuary. Seems like he is leading his congregation on a tour.

B. The point in all of this is to show the congregation that despite all of the extravagance the old tabernacle pales in comparison to God's real temple. Heavenly temple will be described in Chapter 12.

C. He also wants to "contrast what happened--or failed to happen--in the old tabernacle with what happens through the priestly ministry of Jesus." (Long, p.93)

III. Actions of the Old Priests (Ch. 9:6-10)

A. "the Preacher" first describes the daily activities of the priests in the outer chamber.

B. Then describes High Priests activities in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement

C. Purpose of this section is to remind the people of the short-comings of the old priesthood and its method of worship.

1. People have no direct access to God. Old covenant is based on keeping the law and having priest atone for the sins of the people by offering sacrifices.
2. People want to feel God's presence. "Like all other human beings, what the members of the Preacher's congregation really want is an encounter with the living God; they want to go into the holiest sanctuary, to have access to God's mercy and forgiveness." (Long, p.95)

IV. The Greater and Perfect New Sanctuary (Ch. 9:11)

V. The Actions of the New High Priest (Ch. 9:12-15)

VI. Purification through Death: Old Covenant (Ch. 9:16-22)

VII. Purification through the death of Christ (Ch. 9:23-28)

VIII. Benefits of the Priestly Ministry (Ch. 10:1-18)


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